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4 Ways to Build a Positive Safety Culture in Your Organization

According to labor statistics, millions of American workers are injured or killed while on the job each year. While most employers take extensive steps to help keep their employees safe, these regulations are almost pointless without an overall positive safety culture within the organization. As a business, one of the best investments you can make is by taking additional steps to entice workers to utilize safety plans and follow extra precautions. Here are four ways to build a positive safety culture within your organization.

#1: Host Regular Training and Safety Meetings

Have you ever heard the saying, out of sight and out of mind? This is especially true when it comes to worker safety. The further your company is between training and safety meetings, the more likely your employees are to forget key protocols designed to keep them from harm. By hosting regular events—such as monthly seminars and weekly check-ins—you can rest assured that the topic of safety is in their minds as they go about their jobs each day.

#2: Offer Incentives for Safe Behavior

Employees are human beings and human beings like positive reinforcement. Offering incentives for safe behavior is one key way your company can help create a positive safety culture. This can be something as simple as a catered lunch or as large as a bonus added to their paychecks. What will work best usually varies between organizations, so get creative and decide on a plan that meets what your workers value most.

#3: Have an Open Line of Communication

Another way to build a positive safety culture within your firm is by having a constant line of open communication. This means making it easy for employees to report unsafe behavior anonymously without fear of how it might affect their job. In addition, taking tips and ideas from workers on how they can make their individual positions safer allows them to feel invested in the process and offers insight into the best ways to create safety protocols.

#4: Make the Process Fun

It isn't exactly a secret that employees pay much more attention to programs that are fun. By making the overall process of training workers on safety programs entertaining, your firm is more likely to catch their attention and ensure they are invested in the process.

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