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6 Tips for Exciting Your Employees About Workplace Safety

There’s a big difference between informing your employees about construction safety and being sure they’re getting the message. Let’s face it, these topics aren’t always as riveting as they are important. Sometimes being effective requires a taking a more creative approach. Get your team on board using these 6 ingenious (but still completely professional) tips that’ll help you drum up excitement for workplace safety.

1. Form a Committee

When it comes to fostering enthusiasm, there are few things more effective than getting employees involved in change. Ask for volunteers from each department to come together and help institute regulations, identify the most-needed safety supplies, and hold each other accountable.

2. Make Sure They Know Their Rights

A little empowerment can go a very long way. Many employees aren’t sure of their rights or if they should have concerns about their health and safety as it relates to their workplace. By sharing OSHA’s guidelines and employee-specific FAQ you’re proving that you’re happy to be open and honest about safety, resulting in a big boost in overall morale. You can even post the URL in the employee break room or insert it into the monthly newsletter.

3. Open Up the Lines of Communication

Have a suggestion box, institute an open-door policy, and/or hold regular meetings where you agree to hear everyone out. The more your employees have a voice, the more likely they are to use it and that’s a good thing. There are situations on-site or on the floor that you can’t always be privy to and helping your staff feeling comfortable coming forward means you have more opportunities to catch small problems before they grow into big ones.

4. Keep Track of Progress

Companies post those “_____ days since our last accident” signs for a reason. Understanding that safety is a collective goal and monitoring the evolution of your safety-related programs reinforces that idea that it takes a village to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of each day.

5. Designate a Safety Ambassador

Sometimes employees are more willing to listen to their coworkers than they are ready to absorb a bunch of written-down rules filled with tech-speak and boring legal language. Consider sending a supervisor or other leadership-ready employee to one of OSHA’s Training Institute Education Centers. They’ll be able to attend 10 or 30-hour classes designed to address issues in the general industry, construction, maritime, or disaster sectors, and they can bring that information home and disseminate it to the rest of your staff.

6. Turn Learning into a Contest

Safety isn’t a game, but keeping up-to-date on safety-related topics can still be fun. To ensure your employees are taking on board all the necessary information, finish off your training sessions and seminars with some friendly competition.

  • Form teams and have them answer Jeopardy-style questions drawn from the topics you just covered.
  • Use team-building exercises to build rapport and trust and encourage cooperation.
  • Ask for volunteers to assemble a piece of safety equipment or select and dress in the correct regulatory gear from a box filled with options. Quickest time wins.

No safety plan is complete until you have the necessary equipment and signage on hand. At Safety First Supply, we stock thousands of OSHA-compliant items that can help you meet regulations and protect your team. For more information about our inventory, preferred customer discounts or to place your first order, contact us today.


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