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The True cost of Buying Cheap Safety Equipment

At Safety First Supply Company, we believe it is important to invest in high-quality safety equipment. Our company provides top of the line equipment to keep your employees safe on the job. Industrial safety products can be expensive, but it is an investment your company should make on a daily basis.

We find that customers do not realize how much money they can save by simply switching to higher quality materials. For example, we had one business that repeatedly kept buying cheap safety glasses because they thought it was saving them money. In fact, the company spent over a $100 more each month with this method. With a consultation, we were able to provide this business with a pair of long-lasting safety glasses that has proven to stand everyday wear and tear. Their employees not only thanked them for a strong and sturdy pair of glasses but soon began to realize the switch saved them money.

If you are on the lookout for an anti-scratch lens coating glasses, be sure to check out the Dominator 3 series. This product features a wire core adjustable nose pad that fit most facial profiles. Available in two different coatings, these glasses meet or exceed Z87 + and Military High-Velocity Impact Standards. For more information about this product, visit here.

Looking for a sleek design of safety glasses? We recommend the USS Defense series. You can purchase this pair of equipment in either the MAX3 superior anti-scratch coating or the MAX6 anti-fog coating. The stylish design also includes a fixed closed cell foam lined option. Detail specifications about this product can be found here.

Putting our industrial safety products to the test, we were able to compare high-quality safety equipment, to cheap safety equipment. Watch the video now.

Contact Safety First Supply Company for all your industrial safety equipment needs. Visit us on our website, or call us today for preferred customer pricing and quality discounts.


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