Safety Gear

Where Can I Purchase Safety Gear for My Manufacturing Business?

Investing in top-of-the-line construction safety equipment is an important part of running a compliant and responsible business, especially if you’re in the manufacturing sector. Employee injuries are bad for morale, costly, and can negatively affect productivity in a multitude of ways. Add to that the fact that many of our customers regard their workers as family members and it becomes even more essential to purchase safety gear that meets OSHA standards.

At Safety First Supply, we pride ourselves in selling high-quality, OSHA-approved safety equipment gear for manufacturing businesses. Our line of industrial safety products includes more than 6,000 of the best items on the market, including everything from first aid products to protective gear to supplies ideal for a wide range of janitorial and maintenance needs.

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Which Company Sells Safety Gear Near Me?

If you’re looking for a company near Tulsa that sells construction safety equipment, you’ve found the right place! Safety First Supply is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and we love our community. We’re a family run business with a great track record and many of our customers return for new purchases year after year.

That said, our client base extends far beyond the borders of our hometown. We happily ship nationwide, giving business owners across the country access to our phenomenal inventory and affordable pricing. While we’re not solely an e-commerce business, we believe we offer something even better: personal service. Instead of clicking through a boring catalog, you can talk directly with one of our sales reps so you can confidently order the exact items you need most.

To learn more about our locally run safety store, check out our about us page.

Who Sells Construction Safety Gear for My Job Site?

Running a safe job site requires a full range of good quality construction safety equipment. Luckily, Safety First Supply offers everything you need to protect your staff from accidents, injuries, and the elements.

Our construction safety gear comes in all shapes and sizes. For workers who head to a construction site every day, there are certain items that become indispensable. Hearing, face, and respiratory protection can make it much easier to run a jackhammer all day or to work in particularly dusty conditions. Job sites need signs, too, to keep both workers and passersby aware of hazardous conditions and to designate safe zones separate from areas where work is constantly underway. Should a minor accident occur, having a first aid kit on hand is extraordinarily helpful and it can keep a small injury from turning into a bigger deal.

For more information about our products, visit the Safety First Supply homepage and browse through our departments.

What Types of Safety Gear Can I Purchase from Safety First Supply?

Safety First Supply carries thousands of safety supplies. We organize them into three categories: Safety & First Aid, Maintenance & Facilities, and Signage & Communication.

Safety & First Aid includes things like respiratory and hearing protection, fall protection, first aid products, protective workwear, facility supplies, and flammable storage. Maintenance & Facilities falls under our Source for Supplies division, which handles items such as chemical and janitorial supplies, odor control, skin care and personal hygiene, paper products and dispensers, mops and brooms, smallwares, and storage items. Signage & Communication includes everything you need to designate danger zones, warn workers about perilous conditions, and remind employees as to proper procedures.

If you’re looking for the best construction safety equipment available, contact our team at Safety First Supply today.