Safety Supply Company

What Safety Supply Company Offers Nationwide Shipping?

Workplace safety isn’t just a local problem. That’s why Tulsa-based Safety First Supply has committed to offering nationwide shipping. We’re happy to assist businesses from across the United States in sourcing the safety, maintenance, and first aid supplies they need to provide a safer, more secure workplace for their employees.

Safety First Supply may be known as the top local safety supply company in Tulsa, but our expertise doesn’t stop at the state line. For more information on how we’re using our knowledge, experience, and superior customer service to beat out the competition, read more about Safety First Supply or reach out to our sales team. We’d be thrilled to talk with you about how we can meet your safety needs, no matter where in the U.S. you may be located.

What Types of Items Can I Purchase from a Safety Supply Company?

Safety First Supply stocks more than 6,000 industrial safety products and maintenance items from 12 different product lines. Our catalog includes ear and eye protection, gloves, heat-resistant clothing and outerwear, electronic detection devices, first aid supplies, flammable storage units, spill control and containment, weatherproof footwear, personal hygiene goods, janitorial supplies, facility maintenance items, National Marker signage and communication products, and so much more.

At Safety First Supply, we know there’s more to being a full-service safety supply company than just throwing a handful of products online and waiting for the orders to pour in. That kind of hands-off approach might work for some businesses, but we know that your business depends on the safety items you provide to your employees. To talk to an expert, call us today at 1-888-848-8382. We can’t wait to take your call and show you what Safety First Supply is all about.

Which Safety Supply Company Offers Superior Customer Service?

At Safety First Supply, we pride ourselves on our customer-first approach. While some safety supply companies open online stores that feature confusing catalogs and incomplete product descriptions, we chose to staff our office with well-qualified and exceedingly knowledgeable sales reps who take the time to walk clients through their order so every customer is guaranteed to get exactly what they need.

Our commitment to superior customer service is what makes us so much more than your average safety store. Contact us today and we’ll help you explore all 6,000+ items from our expansive catalog, discuss any quality or preferred customer discounts you may be eligible for, and talk about your options as far as shipping and payment. Looking for special or unique items? We can help you with that, too. As a leader in the world of industrial safety, we’re ready to not only meet but exceed industry standards so the safety of your workforce and success of your business are both secured.

How Can Working with a Quality Safety Supply Company Save Me Money?

Using a self-guided online ordering form may seem like a quick and easy way to place an order, but that kind of impersonal ordering system means that you won’t have direct contact with the people in a position to help you save money. At Safety First Supply, our team of sales reps wants to beat your budget and they have a lot of ways to do so. By buying in bulk and becoming a Safety First Supply customer, you’ll have access to quantity and preferred customer discounts that can knock even more off our already competitive prices.

Working with a quality safety supply company can also help you save money by preventing costly accidents or workplace injuries. Every year, business in the United States spend a whopping $160 billion a year to deal with occupational injuries and related illnesses. That can be a major blow to any company’s bottom line. Investing in safety equipment now can lead to monumental savings down the road. Check out our Safety & First Aid catalog to see some of the items you can use to protect your workforce as well as your business’s well-being.