Personal Safety Equipment

What Are Some Personal Safety Equipment Items That My Workers Need?

Finding the right personal safety equipment for your employees is an integral party of running a safe, efficient, and profitable business. From comfort-fit eyewear that protects eyes from ultra-violet light and molten metal to noise-reducing earmuffs and ear plugs that mitigate the effect of noisy environments like a busy factory floor, there are many products that will help your workers safeguard against accidents and potentially damaging environmental factors.

At Safety First Supply, we carry an entire catalog of protective gear and first aid times that have the seal of approval from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). IN addition to personal safety supplies, we also stock first aid products, spill control and containment supplies, and secure storage units that help prevent spills and cross-contamination. Check out our safety and first aid catalog to find out more about the wide range of safety products we’re proud to offer.

Who Offers Affordable Personal Safety Equipment for My Business?

Finding high-quality personal safety equipment that meets OSHA standards is easy when you reach out to the experts at Safety First Supply. We specialize in industrial safety products that address everything from accident prevention to on-site signage to emergency response supplies so you can train your staff in the best safety protocols while also protecting against accidents and preparing for any incidents that may occur.

Rather than posting a one-size-fits-all catalog, Safety First occurs customers personalized service so that every client gets the personal safety gear best suited for their specific needs. With more than 6,000 products available to choose from, you’ll always be able to find the workwear, personal protective equipment, and facility maintenance items you need for your business.

To put together your first order, contact one of our experienced sales reps. You’ll also have access to preferred customer pricing and quantity discounts so you’re getting the best possible products while still adhering to whatever budget you have in mind.

What Are Common Personal Safety Equipment Items?

When it comes to personal safety equipment, there are many common personal safety devices that you’ll likely need to buy regularly to keep your workforce protected. Many companies equip their workers with a kit of basic items that includes protective eyewear, hearing protection, hard hats, and high-visibility safety vests. Depending on the work environment, your employees may also need flame-resistant outerwear, arc-rated face shields or balaclava hoods, industrial footwear, or gloves.

There are other safety products that you may not instantly think of but that are integral to keeping your workplace secure. Instrumentation such as portable gas detectors and air monitoring systems can keep tabs on air quality and notify you of everything from a gas leak to the presence of lead or asbestos so you can catch problems as soon as they crop up.

Visit our Safety & First Aid department to explore all of our OSHA-approved items. Prices and availability are subject to change but our helpful sales team is always ready and willing to help you find all the must-have items on your shopping list.

Which Safety Store Offers Personal Safety Equipment?

At Safety First Supply, we’ve made it our mission to help each and every client comply with all relevant government regulations and oversee the safety and security of their employees. To that end, we’ve built an impressive catalog featuring 12 product lines and thousands of items, including everything from maintenance supplies to first aid products. In addition to stocking top-quality products from brands you know and trust, we’ve put together a pricing structure that’s competitive.

Our safety store takes a personalized approach to one-stop shopping. Call our office or contact us online and we’ll take you through the ordering process step-by-step and let you know about any discounts you may be eligible for. Looking for something special? We can help you with that too. The customer-first approach to business here at Safety First Supply means that we’ll always go the extra mile to get you the safety items you need to protect your workers as well as your business overall.